About system

LBTU Conference Sytem (LBTUCS) is made to be as a unified scientific or academic conference management solution for conferences organized by Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LBTU).

System is constantly updated and extended with new features to meet the requirements and needs of it's users


  • list of conferences:
    • active;
    • an user has access to (as a participant, listener etc.);
    • archive;
  • customized conference websites for public access;
  • submissions (multiple submissions per conference are allowed);
  • submission files management (abstracts, full-papers, guarantee forms etc.) and their versioning;
  • submission status flows (including notifications to participants in case of status change);
  • reviewing mechanisms (will be implemented shortly)
    • single blinded;
    • double blinded;
    • open;

Two-step registration (Why is it neccessary?)

A common issue faced in other conference management systems previously used by LBTU is that during the registration process, participants often provide wrong e-mail addresses, thus they don't receive registration approvals. In fact, system administrators can't contact those participants as well and that leads to misunderstantings, duplicate or "ghost" registrations etc.

Two-step registration mechanism ensures that a potentiall conference participant firstly creates an user account and verifies his or her e-mail address, thus avoiding the issues mentioned above. User's with verified e-mail addresses are able to log into LBTUCS and register for active conferences or connect to conferences they have already registered for.

Two-step registration mechanism is also used in other conference management systems such as EasyChair and others.

LBTUCS is not a commercially driven system!

LBTUCS is not ment for commercial purposes and can be only used for scientific or academic confereces that are partly or fully organized by LBTU or it's faculties.

Recently, an older version of LBTUCS was used for scientific conferences organized by LBTU:

  • ERDEV 2018 (Engineering for Rural Development);
  • FOODBALT 2017;
  • ESRD 2018 (Economic Science for Rural Development);
  • RECED 2018;
  • ICOSADOS 2018 (International Conference on Safety and Durability of Structures);

If you are interested in using LBTUCS for your conference, please contact system administrator webmaster lbtu.lv.